Local Committees

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The 4 Public boards in Ghabe are:



Church committee



Elected every 6 years, the Mukhtar is the local representative of the government, his main duties are notarizing formal documents and attesting the validity of their contents. (Last election: May 2016)

Actual Mukhtar: Samir Majid Aboujaoude

Municipal council

The Municipal council is elected every 6 years, their duties are to develop the local infrastructure and monitor general order and applicable laws. (Last election: May 2016)

Actual Council

Raymond Chucrallah Aboujaoude                  President

Naji Elias Aboujaoude                                  Vice President

Naim Roger Aboujaoude                              Treasurer

Jamal Zeinoun Aboujaoude                          Council Secretary

Assaad Mansour Aboujaoude                        Member

Ted Edward Aboujaoude                              Member

Carlos Toufic Aboujaoude                            Member

Rabih Edward Aboujaoude                           Member

Fares Yaacoub Aboujaoude                          Member

Church Committee

The Church Committee's duties are to preserve the chuch's belongings and to promote Maronite faith.

Actual Committee:

Ramy Mansour Aboujaoude

Micheline Aboujaoude Keyrouz

Claudine Aboujaoude Hechmeh

Joseph Elias Aboujaoude


Local Pastor

Is assigned by the Maronite Bishopy of Antelias to serve the town's church of Saint Joseph, he heads the Church Committee, celebrates Sunday masses and religious events.

Actual Pastor: Father Bassam Geagea